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Global || Rank Upgrades

If you do not already have a rank, Please use the Rank category for upgrading to ensure you do not pay more than necessary.

Purchasing a Rank from the Global Section will give you ranks for the following servers:
- Hub1
- Hub2

- Quartz Server (F1)

- SkyPrism

- PrismBreak

You will NOT receive a rank on the following servers:
- Events
- Pit Server

Commoner -> Noble
9.99 USD
Noble -> Ultra
14.99 USD
Ultra -> Mystic
20.99 USD
Knight Rank Upgrade
49.99 USD
Immortal Rank Upgrad
49.99 USD
Primordial Rank Upgr
49.99 USD
God Rank Upgrade
29.99 USD
1 Year Long God Rank
199.90 USD

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Community Goal

Currently, the costs to keep the server up and running are 200$ a month. Earning this amount per month,, will help the server purchase much needed advertisement, developers, graphic design, server space and more! And you get in game items and perks! It's a win-win :D

95 / 200 USD (47%)

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